Metal Building Installation

Prefabricated or pre-engineered metal building installation provides a building solution for almost any industrial, commercial, agricultural or residental application. You’ll find metal buildings used for garages, workshops, horse arenas, aircraft hangers, churches, libraries, storage and recreational facilities. The designs are endless.

The steel framing used for a metal building allows for a wider building span resulting in an open interior design. The outside can be finished off in metal sheeting or most standard building finishes. Many of these buildings cannot be differentiated from conventional construction. Because of the open interior design, many feel the result is a very modern look and feel.

The quality of the design is assured by the manufacturing process used to design and create these building kits. If you need assistance in finding a reputable manufacturer or need assistance installing your metal building kit, REM Buildings is a great local resource to use. Give us a call at 850.902.1360 or Contact Us for assistance or a quote.